2019 Annual Report: Shaping a brighter world

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Dear friend,

For too many, 2019 was another year of challenge, conflict and insecurity. A devastating hurricane in the Bahamas left entire islands without power and water. Violence continued in Syria, forcing thousands of families to flee. The effects of climate change were felt by vulnerable communities who suffered from increased numbers of droughts and floods.

Millions of people around the world were left wondering “what’s next?” and Mercy Corps responded, with the tools, resources and support they need to shape brighter futures for themselves and their families. Our teams connected communities with immediate and long-term support after natural disasters, introduced bold ideas to strengthen local economies and built resilience in preparation for the challenges to come — planting the seeds for a stronger future.

In 2020 Mercy Corps remains committed to the qualities our global team of humanitarians stands for: empathy and compassion for the millions of people we serve each year. I hope you will join us in our mission to help make a better world possible for families and communities across the globe.

With gratitude,

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Beth deHamel
Interim Chief Executive Officer

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It takes all of us to build a brighter future

What we’ve achieved together in 2019 has built a better world for millions of people. With your support, our work has made an impact and continues to open new opportunities for the future.

Thanks to your support, in 2019, we made an impact for people and communities around the world.
  • 29m

    people benefiting from our work
  • 2.3m

    farmers thriving in the face of climate change with our help
  • 6

    global emergencies required our response and long-term support
  • 200k+

    young people opening opportunities through our programming

Explore the stories below to see the impact you’ve helped make in key areas of our work. And to see our vision for the future, read our 2020 priorities for shaping a better world.

Adapting to our climate crisis

A woman with a bale of grasses on her back.

The world’s most vulnerable communities are already facing the challenges of climate change. Through technology, we’re developing innovative ways to connect communities to crucial information, resources and solutions. By helping people adapt to changing weather patterns, we’re helping them build better lives for themselves and their families.

Woman using phone.

Better data for a better world

We’re partnering with NASA to expand our AgriFin program. See how small-scale farmers can soon harness the power of satellite data to manage their crops.

Man next to field and water culvert.

Cultivating more secure lives

To help protect farmers in Myanmar from drought, our weather-index insurance program is reaching 5,000 acres of paddy farms. Find out more on what we’re working on in Myanmar.

Woman farming on a terraced field.

Protecting resources and livelihoods

In Ethiopia, we helped over 260,000 households work together to protect natural resources and survive the dry season. Read the story of how one family is adapting to extreme weather.

Responding and rebuilding after emergencies

Mercy Corps employee with community.

The world’s toughest crises can destroy lives and debilitate the support systems needed for recovery. That’s why we’re on the ground before, during and long after devastating events, ready to help communities meet their most urgent needs and rebuild stronger for the future.

Man drinking from water spigot.

Partnering for recovery

When Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, we helped build a water treatment plant. See how our work brings 7,500 gallons of water to residents and medical facilities daily.

Two children washing their hands outside their home.

Taking on an outbreak with outreach

When the Democratic Republic of Congo grappled with the second-worst Ebola outbreak in the world, we reached over 1 million people with lifesaving information. Learn more about the deadly outbreak.

Mother and child walk hand in hand outside refugee camp.

Persistence through crisis and conflict

While working with refugees who have fled Syria, we also provided immediate emergency support for over 630,000 people inside the country. Get the quick facts on the refugee crisis.

Opening opportunities for young people

Young woman in classroom setting.

Today’s young people face a unique set of challenges, from high unemployment to the effects of the climate crisis. Which is why we’re connecting a new generation with resources to their own build businesses, safe spaces to recover from crisis and opportunities to become leaders in their communities.

Young man in front of laptop.

Reaching new heights

In Palestine, our Gaza Sky Geeks tech incubator helped over 2,000 young people develop skills and connect with international clients. Read how one woman is transforming her life through coding.

Young woman at sewing machine.

Making matches for opportunity

By supporting job-matching platforms, we’ve helped 5,674 participants across the Middle East and Africa find work. See how we’re opening futures for young people in Kenya.

Young woman sitting cross-legged on floor.

Unlocking education equality

In Nepal, we helped shift attitudes surrounding gender roles, housework and school, and now 6,000 girls can focus on studying. Learn more on how we’re helping young people build opportunities.

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